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02-04-2013, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by VikingNuck View Post
Holy Christ!

The bipolarism on this forum when it comes to Eller & DD

Seriously you guys complain you want him to perform, he performs then gets demoted for it? And almost plays the least minutes of all players but still get's off 3 shots.

I don't understand that some of you can still defend being so negative towards Eller.

I WISH he would ask for a trade, and then rub it in your faces next season

Ima **** some of you guys of now, but so be it

What is it you guys want from him? He has IMO proven he is more than capable to play 3rd line duties both offensively and defensively? So if that's the case I don't understand people saying he hasn't proven himself?

If you guys want him to prove more, he needs to be given more responsibility and TOI, nothing else makes sense??
He hasn't been given that on a large scale.. the times he has, he doesn't get rewarded for it.

SO what is it you want from him?

Be glad that he is danish!!! Danes tend not to complain and always do what they are told..
No one would stand for such a treatment, only a dane!

Seriously make up your minds about him or trade him!

Poor kid is being bashed in the media, by fans and staff... WTF it's like bullying on a grand scale!

You guys are NOT making friends in the danish hockey community right now!
Lol.. Chill out. Your thread is not making any sense at all. First of all the majority of people on this board have liked Eller from the beginning and still does. At least thats how i see it when reading posts about him. The general opinion is that he has not been given a fair chance to produce offensively yet. Obviously there are those that doesnt think too highly of him, but every player on every team not named Malkin, Crosby, Stamkos etc will have fans that dont like them. Also dude, trash talked by the staff?? Our coach spoke highly of his performance the last 2 games. Eller will get his chance at some point. I also havent seen him get trashed in the media, maybe i missed it. Also dont come here talking about bipolar fans. I read the canucks forum, and the Kesler thread you guys had going last year. Lastly im guessing the Canadiens will continue to exist without the support of the mighty hockey nation of Denmark

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