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02-04-2013, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by LarsEller View Post
Lol.. Chill out. Your thread is not making any sense at all. First of all the majority of people on this board have liked Eller from the beginning and still does. At least thats how i see it when reading posts about him. The general opinion is that he has not been given a fair chance to produce offensively yet. Obviously there are those that doesnt think too highly of him, but every player on every team not named Malkin, Crosby, Stamkos etc will have fans that dont like them. Also dude, trash talked by the staff?? Our coach spoke highly of his performance the last 2 games. Eller will get his chance at some point. I also havent seen him get trashed in the media, maybe i missed it. Also dont come here talking about bipolar fans. I read the canucks forum, and the Kesler thread you guys had going last year. Lastly im guessing the Canadiens will continue to exist without the support of the mighty hockey nation of Denmark
Im absolutely certain about that.
Well i'll try not to bring fuel on the fire.

I think maybe it's just a another proof of culturel differences.
Danish players are generally somewhat security-addict. They play their best when they feel they are supported (which is only natural when you grow up in a socialist welfare state).
In many other places you try to psych up a player with giving him some adversity (like benching) in hope he will try harder. That is absolutely the worst thing you can do if you want the player to perform better. A danish player will start doubting whether he got any confidence in the coach and he will start doubting himself and play worse.
It happens all the time when danish soccer players come to Germany and are being hardtalked by German coaches. Thats why you see teams enlisting groups of danes together in the same clubs so they feel this security around them.
Ajax (Netherlands) in soccer, some swedish hockey clubs like Rögle, Malmö, Leksand and Oskarshamn do the same.
Frans Nielsen even admitted that until he got his longterm contract for NYI I affected his game negatively. First when he was secure could his game really shine.

If the coach/public want any visible reaction from Lars Eller when being shuffled or benched you wont get it...danish players take a demotion as "proof" they are out of favour (even if it's only subconciously and they try mentally to fight it off).

Thats why the danish NT takes in especially special swedish coaches that have knowledge of this peculiar psychology of danes (because you don't have it in Sweden, but if they have been in one of the "danish" SEL/Allsvenskan clubs they will know it).

EDIT: Eller has actually for a danish player done extremely well with all these uncertainty...3 points when finally on first line. I would say "way to go Eller"!
Off course this is a rough have tough nosed danes as Jannik Hansen, or Preben Elkjær in soccer that was asked by his german coach whether he had visited a bar the night before a game being seen with a girl and a bottle of whiskey? He replied cooly that is was 2 girls and a bottle of vodka. He chainedsmoked cigerettes in halftime and didn't give a ****.

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