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02-04-2013, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Millhaus View Post
Sure if you think this one step forward ten steps backwards in an effort to play 'the right' way approach is going to get this team to a cup faster than just letting Boudreau's run and gun improve as the talent level and experience level improved would have then enjoy.

That team got the most out of it's top players and that was enough to win a awful lot of games and if your best players aren't your best players you aren't going to win squat.
Most teams that win do so with their best players not being their best players for large stretches of time. You simply cannot expect Ovechkin and Backstrom to keep dragging the same mess to the playoffs over and over, especially since once they do they inevitably get curbstomped by better teams. Eventually it will get old. No amount of fancy hockey coaching will subsume human nature. That version of the run and gun was not sustainable. It fizzled out with Boudreau right in front of your eyes. We could potentially get it going again with someone like Laviolette behind the wheel but we'd need a serious roster overhaul to go far in the playoffs with it. And, just like Boudreau he'd have a short shelf life.

If they really committed to building the "right" team and playing the "right" way we'd be much further by now. But they half-assed it, so here we are.

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