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Originally Posted by jukka ruskeeahde View Post
Yes, I do know Johan Ollus, but unfortunately he isn't regarded that much in Finland. Finnish people consider the exhibition game in Tampere january 1928 as the true beginning of Finnish hockey. I haven't found his name from the official European Championship tournament rosters either.

I guess, that the European Championship tournament was for "nationals only", while with the LIHG tournaments the teams could also include foreign players.

But Charles Hartley wasn´t German and he played on that team. The source is book Deutsche Eishockey Meisterschaften by Stephan Müller.

The book list both Ollus and Swedish Hans Georgii to the team. The different names in Wikipedia (wich isn´t really the best source) gives you players called Erik Wahrmuth and Träger. I actually don´t know what is their source.

If Ollus was part of that team he would be the first Finnish hockey medalist over fifty years before we got our first medal (same would go ofcourse to Hans Georgii and Sweden only shorter time). If thats true he should get some more recognition. But it can be just mistake or I am misunderstanding something wich could be very well true .

edited. Did manage to skip the OFFICIAL part when reading your post. So its probably just mistake in the book.

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