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02-04-2013, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by HugoSimon View Post
Spot on, I'd also like to add the steroid scandal had little to do with side effects of the drug that are actually proven and had far more focus on hysteria.
Yeah, health concerns were WAY down the list of reasons baseball was hurt by the steroid scandal.

It was more about people feeling disillusioned about an era that had seemed magical at the time. A whole generation of baseball fans now identifies their childhood heroes as cheaters. The fact that MLB was so slow to act that Congress got involved. The total desecration of the record book. And it just keeps on perpetuating itself with Hall of Fame votes and what have you. That scandal hit baseball in all the places that make baseball special.

But even then, it's not like steroids were integral to the sport. Getting rid of them makes the players a little less godlike, but it doesn't change what they do on the field. MLB might eventually put this era in its past and carry on. Football is likely going to literally look like a different game once the medical and legal reality sets in. The NFL's only real option, unless they want to get demolished in court, will be to make those changes proactively and try to contain the narrative in positive PR territory as much as they can.

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