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02-04-2013, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by cutchemist42 View Post
Yep, and I was shcoked when Colangelo first told this story on Primetime Sports up here in Canada.
Originally Posted by Captain Coyote 96 View Post
They did want one, Jerry Colangelo asked Bettman if the NHL was interested in expanding to Phoenix at some point in the future in 1992, while he was building America West Arena. Colangelo said if Bettman would have told him that NHL was interested in expanding to Phoenix he would have built the arena to be suitable for both hockey and basketball. Unfortunately Bettman said the NHL wasn't likely to expand to Phoenix at the time so Colangelo built the arena as small as possible to fit a basketball court so that the crowd would sound extremely loud during games, which they often do, in order to provide a more intense atmosphere due to the loud resonation of the arena's acoustics. He built the arena this way, because he was a fan of the atmosphere at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum also known as the "Madhouse on McDowell", which was the Phoenix Suns original home venue.
Originally Posted by IceAce View Post
Bettman didn't even become commissioner until 1993, are you sure it wasn't Gil Stein? Or did Colangelo just get the year wrong?
The poster is tell the truth, he probably just got the names mixed up. It was probably gil stein, yet another disaster by him.

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