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02-04-2013, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR Boyler87 View Post
If that's the case more teams should do that because they have had a lot of success.

Did you not just try and use stats to support your argument? Kind of ironic.
In another thread I used stats as a mock due to the fact that everyone was throwing the stats page over at at me so I responded. Wasn't really a good argument was it. Stats-based arguments usually never are, but they're easy so I suspect that's why they're used so often.

Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
So you're saying if he put up 80 points he wouldn't be a first line center because it doesn't "look" like he's playing like one?

So stats don't matter...but what you see does?
Obviously I'm exaggerating about him putting up 80 points, but yes. There is a reason scouts exists in hockey and all other professional sports

Originally Posted by -31- View Post
This "Stepan is a 3rd line center on a Championship team" talking point keeps getting batted around, yet I still haven't heard one team that has a 3rd line center better than Stepan. Does that mean the Stanley Cup won't be awarded this season?

You're missing the point some are trying to make. It's not that teams have a better 3C than us. It's that they have an overwhelmingly better 2C than us. Here's some examples since you requested:


Just to name a few from our Conference/Division

Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
We're on the same page here. Defensively, Richards/J. Jokinen/Stepan down the middle is a trainwreck. I dont know how anyone can advocate it unless they're completely forgetting about defense.

But theres a simple answer - Brian Boyle as the 2nd line center.
By all accounts J. Jokinen has proven he can be defensively sound. He's centering Carolina's 3rd line right now. I highly doubt that would be the case if he was a defensive trainwreck. Let's also not forget that we have one of the best top 4 D in the league and a 2012 Vezina winner between the pipes. This notion that our top 2 forward lines have to be elite defensively is unfounded and our offense will continue to struggle with this mindset

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