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02-04-2013, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyingHigh28 View Post
If you watch a slow-mo of the Akers thing, the defenders arm/shoulder rolls into and through Akers' plant leg (right around the ankle) which is what causes him to fall. The reason why some people are saying Akers flopped is because they are unfamiliar with the fact that after kicking the ball, pretty much all kickers take a large hop forward onto their plant leg, which is what makes it look like Akers is off balance, but it's a normal thing for him. After he takes that "hop" forward is when the defender rolls through his ankle. Look at the defenders hand in a slo-mo and you'll see clearly he does make contact.
I wasn't saying he flopped, just that it looked to me like he wasn't touched and when he fell it happened to be on a Ravens player, which at full speed to the ref may have led to the call. I'll have to watch the replay again but I didn't say any contact when I watched it last night.

As for the no-call, it looked bad in slow-mo and in full-speed. I've watched Crabtree a ton this season and I know what his normal acceleration looks like. He was significantly impeded by a 2-handed grab of his jersey and an arm-bar from Smith. It was blatant, it had a profound effect on the play, and it was textbook pass interference or at the very least defensive holding/illegal contact.
Most of the experts (real experts, not people claiming to be experts because they have a blog) seem to be ok with the call. Their take was that there was contact in the five yards then incidental contact after that. Could have gone either way. People would be complaining that it was a bad call if it was called. It was toss up.

But you know what? There was an easy out for the referees here. If you're too chicken s*** to "decide" the game on a penalty, then you call defensive pass interference and offensive pass interference. The penalties offset, you replay 4th down, and then you REALLY LET THE PLAYERS DECIDE THE GAME.
Also a potential outcome. But it really seems like a situation that could have gone any of the three ways where people would be unhappy. Noncalls and bad calls are equally annoying.

Oh, and by the way, those saying that the game would've been decided by the refs had a pass interference call been made clearly haven't been watching football in the past 5 years. Assuming the 49ers scored on the next play from the goal-line, the Ravens would've had roughly 1:40 and THREE TIMEOUTS to get into field goal range to either tie or win the game (depending on whether or not SF's 2 point conversion was good). 1:40 is an absolute ETERNITY in the modern NFL game with 3 timeouts to your name too. If Flacco couldn't have gotten his team into FG range w/ that much time left, then the Ravens didn't deserve to win the Super Bowl.
Meh. I had no problem with the way the game turned out. I agree the Ravens certainly would have had a chance to get another field goal and win it (or tie it, depending on the outcome of the 2pt conversion after the would-be TD). I had no dog in the fight and would have been happy with either team winning. I'm guessing from your posts that you wanted the 49ers to win, and your disdain for the noncall is understandable, but at the same time the Ravens supporters would likely be crying foul if a call was made (even the offsetting penalties). Lets also not forget the 35 minute blackout that seemed to give new life to the 49ers. In reality who knows what would have really happened, but it sure seemed like the delay took something out of the Ravens and lit a fire under the collective ass of the 49ers. Obviously this was not under the control of anyone invovled like a non-call or bad call, but both teams caught breaks throughout the game. Best Super Bowl I can remember in a while.

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