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02-04-2013, 12:25 PM
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I'm too lazy to requote all the quotes above, DFF

I had no dog in this fight. I didn't really care who won and I wasn't rooting for the 49ers. I just wanted to see a great game and a great finish and the refs deprived us of that.

As for the "experts" that you've seen talking about this, they're all morons. And I say that with 100% certainty because anyone bringing up the "within 5 yards" on this doesn't understand NFL rules. The whole "contact within 5 yards" thing goes out the window when the ball is in the air. Doesn't matter if the QB takes 1 step and throws within 0.01 seconds or if he runs around in the pocket for 7 seconds before throwing, when the ball is in the air, any significant contact that impedes the WR is pass interference. This was blatant defensive pass interference. The ball was in the air while Smith was holding Crabtree with both hands and while he was armbaring Crabtree. It was clear-cut defensive pass interference.

The only reason I even brought up illegal contact or holding is because if the refs didn't want to give SF the ball at the 1 yard line, those would've been other options. While illegal contact technically would've been an incorrect call, it would've been acceptable IMO as a compromise.

Also, holding anywhere on the field is illegal as a member of the defense. You cannot grab hold of a receiver's jersey and impede his progress, even within 5 yards. Within 5 yards you can hit the WR, you bump the WR, you can hand-fight with the WR, but you 100% cannot hold him.

No matter how you slice it, no matter when you think the ball went into the air, no matter what any of the would-be expert bloggers or what the pundits say, this was clear-cut defensive pass-interference and/or defensive holding by the letter of the NFL law.

It was unacceptable for the game to essentially end on that play. At worst, the refs should've called offsetting Offensive and defensive pass interference, and there's a very solid case for that because Crabtree did try to push off. And indeed, I think that was probably the best solution. Don't give the 49ers a new set of downs, don't give them an easy TD, make it 4th and goal again from the 7 and give the 49ers a fair chance to get into the endzone without the other team breaking the rules and given the Ravens a chance to stop them fairly without breaking the rules.

It should've been one final FAIR play to decide the game. Instead, we were deprived of that by the refs. Offsetting penalties on 4th down are ALWAYS better than no-calls when there was significant contact that significantly affected the outcome of the play.

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