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02-04-2013, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
I'm just questioning... does this type of travel bother some of the TNA wrestlers who were there because of the heavy traveling in the WWE?

Legit question. I'm just wondering.
I wouldnt think so as we are only talking about one a week program currently with Impact as opposed to WWE having Raw, Smackdown, and then their countless house shows.

If anything TNA cuts back on a house show a week to balance this out but either way I dont see this as a big deal as you know most of these wrestlers would prefer to come out each Thursday to perform infront of thousands of people instead of the couple hundred they get at the Impact Zone.

Moral has to be at an all time high in TNA right now. The current product is strong (but obviously still needs some tweaks) and now they get to feel like a big time promotion by going to arenas that will seat 10k or so...hopefully Chicago starts things off right with 4-5k plus in the stands, and a few surprises showing up...that would be huge if they got a defection from the WWE or someone who we havent seen in sometime show up on Impact.

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