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02-04-2013, 01:35 PM
No, I'm not serious.
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Originally Posted by SlapJack View Post
The current system is fine, if you take the standings and readjust them to reflect a 3-2-1-0 system, it won't change much at all. And I agree 100% that is not a loser point, it's a bonus point...take that away, the standings are still similar for the most part but the games are far more boring.

What I find interesting is how you get situations where both teams announcers can say before a game that both teams had a 2-1-1 record against the other last year, then claim that one or the other had the advantage in the season series. Really?
It's a point awarded to the losing team. It's a loser point.

It's asinine to award additional points depending on game state. Does any other major professional league do this? You don't encourage teams to go for it by offering them a positive incentive for playing it safe at the end of games, you do it by offering a negative incentive for taking it to the shootout.

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