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02-04-2013, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by JL17 View Post
So with win 24 straight with virtually the same line combos....

OK... so now we struggled at the beginning of the season and we've struggled since the winning streak ended because the lines are going into a blender or names are being tossed in a hat and taken out.... make sense???

Chemistry amongest all lines for 24 games....
Players seemed lost in the other games....
Sure does! See, he didn't want to juggle the lines during the streak for fear of that being the reason the streak getting broken. Also during the streak, if you recall he did juggle lines out of necessity due to suspensions and injuries. You are just noticing it more now as he gets more creative
I would attribute the 'struggling now' (although we seem to be on the right path as of late), to the shake up at the deadline. Even small changes can send a ripple effect throughout a solid team.
Remember last year when we got McKegg...why on earth would a team go to the crapper after adding a player like Mckegg? Doesn't make sense does it...but we did. And I attribute that to the shake up of chemistry. It happens.
We aren't playing for a streak right now, and with the lead we have in first it isn't panic time so I think the development of the players has become a priority and the line juggling is just one aspect of it.

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