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Originally Posted by number72 View Post
I think the book is out of kessel. The defenders and goalies know he rarely drives the net and so now they are not fooled by his perimeter shots.
Its similar in nature to say how opponents used to defend Kaberle on Leafs PP, knowing full well his tendency is to pass.

Teams particularly goalies know that they need to be more prepared for long range laser beams coming from the perimeter, and not get surprised as often as they did in the past. The angle and advantage is huge for the goalie to make the save as the odds are extremely in his favor based on where the shot is coming from no matter how hard its coming at you.

A leopard never changes its spots so there is a high percentage that Kessel will continue to fire from the outside and not suddenly change his MO and drive the net or crash the crease looking for rebounds while taking the abuse that goes with the territory.

Even players know Kessel's game as a SI poll among his own piers named him the easiest intimidated player in the game today. Perimeter shooting is expected from those players that prefer to avoid contact as a result. Its too bad really because if it were not the case he could be a far more dangerous and effective player on a regular basis, particularly against big physical teams in which he currently struggles to compete against.

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