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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
Newbury is playing on the same team and is getting almost a point per game. So is Mash.

This is a total BS excuse. Kreider got outscored by 4 defensemen and 10 forwards in Hartford. If Grant and Vernace are outscoring you, you can't say that your team mates are holding you down. The fact that almost the whole team except for guys like Collins and Wilson are outplaying him offensively is surely not a positive.

Look at Nieves. He has nobody to play with (except Trouba) and yet he's made the best of it and developed into the team's best forward in his freshman season. Kreider has no excuse for sucking.
Wow. For a guy who seemingly watches a lot of hockey you have no problem comparing apples to oranges and then taking a big time stand. First, the sample on Mash is too small. I think that's obvious.

As for Noob you are comparing a seasoned, AHL Vet who plays center and is on every PP to a rookie winger who as everyone knows is a completely different kind of player. CK although talented does not create his own offense and he never has except in limited situations. He has scary speed, a scary shot and good hands around the net. But he needs help. The fact that he didn't produce in Hartford is a combination of things. But don't make silly comparisons to make your point.

I think what's more important is what he did in NY in the playoffs. And when he is healthy I will be patient based on what I saw then as opposed to a lack of production on a bad Whale team.

Have you watched Michigan play? I have. Boo is playing with Di Guiseppe and Kevin Lynch, both good players. And although he is playing well he is getting an opportunity at Michigan that CK didn't get until his junior year in terms of quality minutes and that's when CK became a ppg player. The fact that you mention Trouba who's a D-man tells me you don't watch them play and just threw out a name that is recognizable.

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