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02-04-2013, 12:58 PM
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Have you ever had an SO say to you no hockey when we can spend time together doing,

something else, even if it's staying home and watching TV?
If you were given this ultimatum, no matter how it was phrased, how did you handle it?
I can understand, a little (even though I still think it's wrong), if you're married and you have kids under 14, or if you're playing hockey more than spending time with her when she's available, but other than that, I think that's, well, you know.
Maybe this belongs in the wrong forum, the mods can move it if they see fit, but seems to me that trying to balance time, to play, hockey, is part of rink issues.
Or for that matter, any other athletic endeavor. I mean, it's athletics that helps the mind and body, not like drinking or gambling.

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