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To be fair Chara is part of a very small () group of high results performers...
I'd say these are the 25 best tough match-ups defensemen when looking at results.
Chara has the best possession stats for out-chancing their opponents on the list the 6th best point production

Off topic but random:
I've realized I never really have mentioned the difference between "raw Corsi" (aka Corsi or CorsiOn) vs "relative Corsi" (aka RelCorsi)...
CorsiOn as most here now know is basically +/- but is shots, goals, blocked shots and missed attempts (divided by TOI) while that player is on the ice.
CorsiOff is the team's Corsi for when the player is off the ice (so measures how the team does Corsi-wise without the player).
RelCorsi is the difference between the two, which is (IMHO somewhat loose but works to a degree) way to reduce "team affects"...

Chara out chances his opponents by 17.54 Corsi, but he's on a stronger team who has a Corsi of 4.54 when he's not on the ice, so his RelCorsi is 13.0
Enstrom out chances his opponents by 11.18 Corsi, but he's on a weaker team who has a Corsi of -3.36 when he's not on the ice, so his RelCorsi is 14.5
For a huge swing: Weber is out-chanced by -0.90 Corsi, but his team is very weak possession wise without him (they do well thanks to Rinne and Weber/Suter) -12.06 Corsi, so his ReCorsi is 11.2

It doesn't take in case usage, like how tough of minutes they face, OZS, etc...

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