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It depends on HOW you're doing drop-ins and pickups.

When my buddies and I do pickups/Dropins we usually play a good hour or more of a competitive hockey pickup game with limited rules. We usually try to get lines together if theres a bunch of us who play on teams and in leagues.

We usually set up the teams so there's equal teams when it comes to levels and skills. Last few times we've had one full 5 guy squad that play together in a league and another 5 guy squad that plays in a league and we match them up with each other. We then play checking around the boards, and we do incorporate d & c so we can get a feel for how to forecheck and how to break out of our zone so we can be really tight and quick during the season in the league. Because we play this way guys have a good competitive game and can go full speed and not worry about hurting the lower skilled players while at the same time having quick shifts and allows the lower skilled guys to get more ice time but since most are not used to skating for a long time they usually dont have that long of shifts.

If we're playing drop ins, we do have rules, especially if we dont have the guys we usually do, against dump and chase. If a guy dumps it in before going over the red line and nobody is chasing the puck by the time it hits the goal line, then the other team can't enter the zone. but if they dump it in after the red line then the team can enter the zone anytime to forecheck.

Basically, theres a time and place for it and it is a useful tool, it just depends on how the group as a whole feels about it. My recommendation is to communicate to the others how you feel about it and ask them what they think.

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