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Originally Posted by beenhereandthere View Post
Most adults have watched pro hockey games, since in 1/2 of the US, that's all you can watch. You can't tell me that most of adult players are not savy enough to know what to do and not realize the purpose of a dump in. I don't know about Santa Rosa, but in other places in the Bay Area I'm 90% sure guys are not too slow, to inexperienced or both.
Watching pro's /= playing like pro's. I watch the NHL all the time and I still suck If the guys are skillful where you play then, like I said, talk to them about it ... at least let them know you like to dump and chase so they're not caught off guard. Doesn't matter if they realize the purpose of it. If they're expecting an easier going skate and you make them fight for it in the corner they won't be happy. You have to realize the norm in drop-ins is NOT dump-and-chase hockey, at least not from what I've personally seen.

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