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When I was a kid (9-13) my parents didn't have enough money to allow me to play in a league (nor the time), so I used what equipment I had. I was a goalie, all I had were hand-me-down pads, a catchers chest protector, a baseball glove as a catcher and a blocker from the early 80's (those ones that have foam with the holes). I used to play without a mask because I didn't have one, which influenced the guys (on an outdoor rink) to keep their shots low, however one day I thought I would get cocky and show up with a Halloween mask that I created to look like Gerry Cheevers mask. Needless to say in a pickup game some guy (adult) gave me a nice slap shot thinking I had protection and blew my brittle mask up - the damn thing fractured into several different pieces all over the ice. So much for my "glow in the dark Jason mask" from 1989.

Now that I think back on it - everything I did was extremely dangerous... But I suppose that's how the game was founded.... A bunch of kids who used what they had to play a game.

Odd note: I suppose that experience is the reason why I collect goalie masks.

Odder: I rarely use masks when I play outdoors and I have played beer league games without my mask(s). I do use a neck protector tho. I still use a baseball glove as well. I suppose it is habit.

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