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02-04-2013, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by TeamTippett View Post
the problem is that new Mayor is going to want to exert muscle and put his rubber stamp on this deal, he will want to distinguish himself from his predecessor, see look Glendale your knight in armor swooped in an got you a better deal. Thats why there was zero chance of him extending the terms of the old deal.
I think it's more about what 99% of the politicians want, their palms greased. He'll be looking for the best kick-backs he can get. That's why I pray this Calgary guy comes in and just buys the whole thing, arena and team. If I never have to see or hear the name of a Glendale politician again, it will be too soon. The last mayor going senile and flip-flopping all over the place was bad enough. Now we have this joker and the situation is getting worse.

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