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02-04-2013, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Only because Therrien decided it. It's not like Eller played an entire season and was crap in comparison to the other two players, Therrien made up his mind after 1 game. In fact Therrien made up his mind in the summer when he insisted that Eller would be used on the wings.

Give Eller a role and he will fill it. Keep bouncing him around and he'll look like a player that bounces around. When given the 3rd line centre role, he filled it. When given the winger role the last few games, he was starting to fill it. What role Eller has is up to the coach, but Therrien already made up his mind after one game. Sounds very similar to what Martin did with Sergei, O'Byrne, D'agostini etc etc yet people aren't complaining for what Therrien has done.
You're quite right - the problem with Eller is that he doesn't have a role on the team. But as quick as you are to blame Therrien for that, Lars (and the situation the team is in) should also take some of the blame.

Lars is not better than any of out top six. You might get some debate on Bourque - Lars had a better season last season, but Bourque looked really good in camp and brings some things (physicality) that Eller doesn't. Bourque is also more of a Therrien type player, so like it or not Bourque is going to get that last top six spot. So already he's being relegated as a third line role at the best. Now he might have been a good fit on an offensive third line, but even that's not working for him because Therrien has decided to make that line our "young guys" line. You may agree or disagree with that strategy, but Gallagher-Galchenyuk are producing great results for a third line. Galchenyuk is third among all rookies in points, and Gallagher is fifth (and playing two to four minutes less a night then their competition to boot). So why not replace Prust with Eller (after all - Eller's young too - three young guns > two)? Because that line won't work with Eller on it. Both Gallagher and Galchenyuk are younger and faster than a lot of the guys they're matched up with. But they're not fully physically developed yet. The way to stop them is to play them physical. Prust on that lines gives them a little bit of backup, so if things get rough there's someone there to sort it out.

That leaves the fourth line. And Eller looked okay between Moen and Armstrong but, let's be frank. That's not the kind of game he excels at. That's why White is there. Because Eller does not fit real well.

I feel bad about Lars. He's a talented kid who's only faults are not being good enough at 23 to break into our top six and not being young enough to line up with Galchenyuk. As a fill in he's done excellent - a testament to his talent, but short of extended injury I just don't see him fitting in anywhere long term this season.

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