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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
wait... your argument is that the offersheet could lead to a scenario where we have a 3 deep center core all locked up long term in the 5-6 million per range (based on the fact that they played to a level to earn those contracts)


We should definitely avoid having our center core locked up long term... that would be terrible
The cap is going down in '13-'14, and will likely decrease again in '14-'15.

Now, if we could sit down and WITHOUT FAIL, pencil in Grigerenko as a #1 center, franchise forward by Game 1, 2014, then this isn't a bad plan.

But the fact is, we can't know that. I wouldn't even call it a safe bet at this point.

I think we can be somewhat secure that Hodgson will be, if nothing else, a 1 way second line center at this point. I'm hopeful he can develop a bit of a two way game in time, but he certainly appears to be lacking defensive awareness. However, even that somewhat tame prediction isn't a certainty.

Offersheeting O'Reilly would be, essentially, doubling down on our young core. Saying 'This is our missing piece and we're going to do anything and everything to aquire it'

I like O'Reilly. I really do. But do I think adding him will bridge the gap from where we are now to stanely cup contenders?

No. No I don't. It's too early in the season to throw in the towel, too early to panic.

If O'Reilly does become available via trade, let's get in there, hell, let's overpay for him. But, I think an offersheet would have repercussions not only with the assets you have to give up, but our relations with other teams in the trade market, as well throwing a wrench in any salary structure.

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