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02-04-2013, 01:29 PM
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Responding to the beginning of the thread:

Hendricks looks to easily have the most powerful hands in the welterweight division, but he'd flat out get embarrassed by either of the top 3 ranked guys. I'd never have a chance to even touch GSP or Conduit. If he fought Diaz, Diaz would take it and use that opportunity to knock Hendricks out.

Hendricks is just trying to take a shortcut by creating a ton of hype and positive PR for himself.

Really, did they give Huston Alexander a title shot after he had a few knocksouts? Hell no. This guy was pretty boring before 2012 and obviously just having one good year isn't good enough to get a title shot.

Just look at Alex Gustavson. He fought incredible opponents last year. He beat the hell out of Shogun, showed us once again that Silva can't compete with top 10 ranked guys and made quick work of the janitor. There were rumblings of him getting a title shot, but I'm pretty sure that was just hype for when the time really comes so that they can say "it's been a long time coming" during the ad campaign.

In reality, Gustavson is nowhere near ready for John Jones.(who I hope gets his ass handed to him VS Sonnon, because I can't stand Jones) Gustavson needs to clean up his standup a lot otherwise Jones will knock him out before they get into the championship rounds. His footwork is clumsy at times and I don't like his jab. There's no way he's going to control the pace of the fight in a competition with Jones.

Gustavson has been much more impressive than Hendricks imo. If you compare the two you'd think that Hendriks was in Strikeforce, to be honest. I don't even see Hendriks lasting five years as a gatekeeper.

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