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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
Their obstinate stance has nothing to do with the "new market realities" as Allan Muir put it. It's just them playing hardball with a holdout like they've done in the past. Don't think they're trying to defend market integrity.

SURELY there's some middle ground to be had here. Until they come out and say otherwise (and they won't because they NEVER communicate with us) I'll believe it's them who refuse to budge.
After hearing Meehan speak to the media quite a bit about these longer second contracts to big name being a new norm for the market place, it's clear that this is is about clashing philosophies on some level.

Agents want long big contracts for players coming off ELCs. Avs are a team that prefers shorter contracts. Seeing as how Avs reportedly is offering a lower annual salary when they buy a UFA year, it's clear that they really really want a two year deal here. I think they are digging in as much when it comes to term as they do when it comes to salary.

Sherman have never given a player more than four years and that's for UFA years (EJ, Jones, Parenteau and Hejda).

I guess after Meehan & Co folding their hand on the river when it came to the Subban and del Zotto contracts, it has emboldened Avs here.

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