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Originally Posted by OKCDevil View Post
Exactly. ASU/Coyotes need to go in together ala Hurricanes/NC State.
you touched on my thoughts as I read through this.

With Raleigh because of no arena they played in Greensboro where there was one. Greenboro is about 75 miles away from the Raleigh/Durham metro area. The arena there has been a frequent home of the ACC basketball tournament in March.

What they did in Carolina because it was using state dollars was to build the Arena on the NC State campus since they had just built an Arena for UNC it was NC States turn. The arena is used for NC State baseketball and other sports. It also uses the same lots as the NC State footbal stadium.

The islanders going to Brooklyn to play is an utter farcs. The Arena would be lowest capacity by far in the NHL. the team will lose alot more money than if they moved to some other city.

As for Phoenix....

The Arena is next to the football stadium used by the Arizona Cardinals (hosted past super bowls and will again in 2015)...If the product is good and the people in the Area want it then they will come out to it. I honestly think if they were able to play in the same arena as the Suns Phoenix would have been more successful. It doesnt help having a poor lease.

If you build an Arena putting it in downtown doesnt always work. It depends greatly on the area and how the traffic flow is. You could have a fantastic arena but if you put it in a location that is a traffic nightmare when you need to go to a game, people wont come.

Something comparative may be found in other sports....

Think of NFL when they destroyed the Kingdome to build a new home on the same lot they had Seattle play in the Univ of Washington football stadium for a couple of years. When Cleveland moved to Baltimore the team played in old memorial stadium while they build a new football field.

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