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Originally Posted by Jose View Post
Hi everyone,

I am a new poster to this board and to this website after being a long time reader of over 7 years.
Hey, welcome to the boards!

Originally Posted by Jose View Post
Anyways I have a question for everyone. What are some realistic expectations the rest of the season. I have been pondering this all day and haven't been able to come up with questions. And when I ask people around me all they say is miss the playoffs and tank for a good draft pick! Is that even practical?? I don't, this is a very important season for the Senators and a very important year of development for this team and players such as Zibad, Silf, Turris, Wierchoich etc. And a season to continue to build the hockey program in Ottawa from the minors up!
And you would be right. No organization should ever try to tank. Developing your assets is always better than stagnation, and in the middle of a rebuild, it's important to emphasize this aspect just as much as drafting (a sentiment that is lost on many fans, it seems).

Originally Posted by Jose View Post
But what do you guys think are realistic expectations now that Spezza and Cowen are done for the season which Cowen was a while ago. How does everyone think we are going to finish? All go on first and say I do believe we are going to miss the playoffs, have trouble scoring goals some games, have alot of adversity etc. Its all in retrospect with a young inexperienced team, and if we make a trade it will be to sell to me if we continue to lose. If we are in the playoff race don't expect anything to big, Murray won't and will not compromise the future unless it can help for the long term.
The expectations should be tempered slightly. At the beginning of the season, most would have pegged us as a fringe playoff team again, perhaps sliding in as a 7th or 8th seed.

I'd pretty much agree with everything you said. Stay the course, let the kids build some chemistry together. I think MacLean is the kind of coach who will keep them engaged and motivated even if we are dropping in the standings. It'll be a good learning curve for a group of guys who have had everything going right for themselves the past few seasons (Calder win in Binghamton, Silfv's SEL championship, Zibby's WJC performance, Karlsson's Norris win, etc).

There's no need to force a move for the sake of competing this year. We're building for 3 years from now. If there is a piece available that will likely be an important player for us in 3 years, by all means I expect Murray to pursue it. If not, I think our moves will be, at best, depth moves to get a few bodies back to Bingo / substitute in to give roster players a breather in a very compressed schedule.

Originally Posted by Jose View Post
And I have a question, if Murray made the trade with Columbus which he could of if Nash said yes, would you guys have traded Zibad, Lehner, Foligno and a first. All be honest! I would have jumped off the roof if that trade was made. Zibad Lehner will be so prolific and prudent for the future, the first would have costed us big time especially in such a deep draft, etc. It would of inflated our farm system and Nash alone wouldn't of made this team better. What are your thoughts ??
I don't think I would have. As great as Anderson has been, I am a firm believer that Lehner is the goalie of the future in Ottawa. I'm not eager to part with him, especially in a package that would've sent two of our top prospects plus another good prospect and a roster player. We aren't quite at the 'trade quantity for quality' stage.

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