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02-04-2013, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Kyle Brodziak View Post
I had it 3-2 Aldo, what did you guys think?
I had 3-2 aldo, too, but I would've given one of those rounds 10-8 Aldo. I think that Aldo could do more damage to your leg kicking it than he could beating it with an aluminium baseball bat. I seriously felt uncomfortable watching Edgar get taken down by leg kicks. I think he ate 3-4 good ones before he had those two which totally took him down. 2 more of those and I'd have a hard time believing that Edgar would be getting up. It would essentially be a KO by ref stoppage.

When Henzo Gracie had his legs destroyed by Hughes the ref should've called that fight a lot sooner. The dude did nothing to protect his legs. It was like he was trying to do a Diaz/Rampage impression there.

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