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Originally Posted by thadd View Post
He was more or less fighting garbage before he lost to Rick Story. That's not paying his dues. He's never fought anyone. You want to know what it means to pay your dues?

Look at Dan Henderson. There's a guy who's paid for being a dick, spent a decade paying his dues and still obviously hasn't finished paying them.

Someone who's paid dues? LOL Look at Skyscraped Struve. He comes in and gets knocked out by Junior. Puts a couple of good looking wins together and then gets knocked out by Big Country. Gets a couple of knockouts and then earns a fight with Travis Browne, who knocks him out and into next week. Poor kid. He's on a 4 fight win streak. (2 subs 2KO) and now he's going to have a meaningless fight with Mark Hunt. There's someone who's paying dues.

Decision over Mike Pierce, who's been decent at times.
Fitch and Kampman knockouts have nothing to do with skill. He just tossed the power in there and somehow the fighters didn't see that coming.
Not being able to finish Koscheck in 15 minutes is laughable.
If he loses to Ellenberger, who's lost to Kampman and Condit, he'll be going way down the pecking order. The best thing he'd be able to hope for is to either fight Kampman again or or get a shot at Mcdonald in the event that he gets finished by Condit.
It's more than Alexander did. It's more than a lot of people have done that are getting title fights.
What did Edgar do? Drop a weight class.

What did Diaz do? Flip out.

Belfort and Machida did very little, but got shots at Jones.

Bonnar gets a fight.

There are numerous guys out there that did less and get a shot because they had a name. Overeem and Rashad are a perfect example of guys that were pencilled in because of who they were not what they can do. Then when you have a guy beating everyone you put in front of him, the UFC says no.

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