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New GM Connected league - Europe - XBOX 360

Available teams:

Note that CBJ and WPG are in good position to make the playoffs.



#RHL @ Quakenet

League in game:



GiNFaux @ XBOX Live

Register at our forum:

Region: Europe
Console: XBOX 360
NHL Schedule Period: 2 Weeks
Advancement: Twice a week (Mondays and Fridays, 8 pm CEST)
Skill Level: All-Star
Game Style: Default
Rosters: Current (latest update including players like Tarasenko, J. Shultz etc.)

Contacting opponents: There are various ways to contact your opponents. PM on our forum, writing in your own topic about match scheduling, XBOX-Live message, IRC. All of these types of communications are accessible from a smartphone. You have to be available for contact every day. No excuses will be accepted. If you’re not able to spend 5 seconds checking your messages and replying every day, you’re not considered active, and might be replaced.

Activity: You have to play your games actively, or you’ll be replaced as soon as we have a replacement. And once you’re replaced, you’re not welcomed back under any circumstances. You're allowed to take a pause from the game with two conditions. 1. Let us know why you have to go away, 2. give us an ETA when you’ll be back. Because of roster problems, you'll be technically kicked from the league to let the CPU fix your roster while you're gone. And then you'll be able to rejoin the league when you're back.

CPU: No activity is allowed against CPU-teams. Our goal is to have a full league at all times. But if not, you’re not allowed to do anything involving a CPU-team, unless stated otherwise.

Playing vs. AI: If you’re not able to play your games for some reason, you’ll have to activate your AI. Needless to say you’ll be kicked from the league if you do not. In this situation you may rejoin your team again, as long as we haven’t already replaced you with a new owner.
You may not play against someones AI without their permission before 1 hour prior to advancement of the block.
When playing against someones AI, you’re obviously not allowed to leave the game. DNF% has to be 0% if you want to be safe from kick. No excuses will be accepted.

Disconnects/Rage quits: If you’re suspecting someone of leaving the game intentionally. Take a screenshot, and report what happened. If you do not suspect your opponent of rage quitting, you will solve it with him by doing the following:
If the game was tied, you’ll replay the game from scratch (no resetting of the score or running the clock). If someone was in the lead you’ll replay the game, immediately reset the score as it was by pulling the goalies (LB+select), and then let the time run to the point where the disconnection occurred.

Trades: The only limitation is that both teams have to improve in at least one area. All trades have to make sense for both teams. And if you trade away a player like Crosby, you’ll have to have a really good reason.
It doesn’t have to be even value. But please take note that any trade involving a GM who leaves the league within two blocks after making a trade, will be reverted. In other words, no trades are completely accepted and set in stone until 2 blocks has passed.
If you made a trade and the other GM leaves the league, or gets kicked, within two blocks. The new GM of that team will have the option of reverting the trade or leave it as is. If you do not revert a trade when you’re asked to do so, you will be kicked from the league.

More information about schedule etc will come as soon as we’re a full league.

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