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02-04-2013, 02:39 PM
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Seems like you could've just watched the youtube posted earlier that had the actual show.

10 NHL scouts polled before the WJC, 7 scouts liked MacKinnon 1st and 3 scouts liked Jones 1st. After the WJC, 7 scouts liked Jones 1st and 3 scouts like MacKinnon 1st. So the WJC obviously is a factor...that should be pretty obvious I thought. Players rise and fall over the course of a season. If the draft happened in February instead of June then it would look completely different.

Even though the WJC is definitely isn't everything to those who actually matter. I guess those who pick Jones over MacKinnon because the WJC would also not even consider Ryan Nugent Hopkins in the top 10 for 2011 because he was cut from Team Canada. Good thing the NHL scouts took the whole year into consideration I guess, huh? Prospects stocks will be inflated after the WJC but that doesn't mean it will stay that way.

And saying that Jones has a huge advantage over MacKinnon just isn't a good analysis IMO and the 10 NHL scouts McKenzie talked to agree with me.

Again, if you watched the video you'd see McKenzie say something like "7 to 3 in favor of Jones may look lopsided, but it's NOT, because EVERY scout goes to the point of saying hey there is a tiny difference between these two could be positional at the need a defenseman, take Jones and you need a center, take MacKinnon".

So it must be that a couple of the HFBoards posters have it all figured out and have noticed a big difference between Jones and MacKinnon that he paid professional NHL scouts and most hockey fans have yet to see.

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