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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
It's more than Alexander did. It's more than a lot of people have done that are getting title fights.
What did Edgar do? Drop a weight class.

What did Diaz do? Flip out.

Belfort and Machida did very little, but got shots at Jones.

Bonnar gets a fight.

There are numerous guys out there that did less and get a shot because they had a name. Overeem and Rashad are a perfect example of guys that were pencilled in because of who they were not what they can do. Then when you have a guy beating everyone you put in front of him, the UFC says no.
LOL Eager was a champion.
Diaz had been dominating for years.
Machida and Belfort were playing in a water down division.
Bonnar had been fighting exciting fights since before half of the people came to HFboards. Anderson hadn't done too many light heavyweight fights before that. No, the belt wasn't on the line.

If you actually go and look at what's available in the light heavyweight division, I think you'll kinda laugh at what you wrote there, dude.

There's never been many people worthy of a title shot for a long time. It's funny that Shogun, who came here past his prime, was able to win the belt.
It's funny how often the belt changed hands after Iceman lost it.
It's definitely funny to see Rashad now losing to Lil Nog.

I think they need to change the weight division around.
Maybe Middle weight could be 190. Light Heavyweight could be 220 and heavyweight could go up 5 pounds.
I have a feeling that Sonnen will be too short and too slow for Jones at 205. If that's the case then there's nobody around who's worthy of a title shot. In that case, if Anderson Silva doesn't want to fight Jones... do we just give Jones a holiday for 2 years until the rest of the world has caught upto him?

Someone has to get a shot. And that guy isn't Hendricks.
Check out ALL of Diaz's fights. His grappling game is sick and if George isn't capable or ready to constantly attack Diaz's legs(kicking, I mean. Not BJJ), George will be in trouble. I'm pretty sure we're going to see George destroy Diaz's legs. It's going to look much prettier than the Condit fight, but Diaz still deserves the title shot way more than Hendricks ever will.
Check out all of Condit's fights. He's a really good all around technical striker.
I liked Hardy. But he was one of those guys who got the shot because nobody better was around to deserve it and take on george.

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