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Originally Posted by JR97 View Post
Forgot to add this: On my main team there are 2 girls. One is the wife of the goalie and the other is just one of our friends. We're a pretty tight group and all hang out socially and most of the WAGS are considered part of the team family although I know my ex and probably one other WAG resented not being part of the inside jokes and what not when the girls on the team were all over that stuff.
Before we married, my wife felt like a little bit of an outsider once, but she never resented it.

She said the best way to deal with feeling like a bit of an outsider is to 1) spend more time around the team (post-game beers/hangouts, etc.) so that she eventually DOES get in on the inside jokes; and/or 2) understand this is a hockey team, that the hockey team isn't and shouldn't be all about herself, and so simply accept the fact that she factually IS an outsider and thus there are probably going to be some things that she isn't totally in the loop on, and that that is okay.

Originally Posted by beenhereandthere View Post
BTW, we aren't married, but been together for just over 1/2 a year and for sure talked about serious future plans (at least moving in together). During the 1st 3 months of this though, she really didn't verbalize issues with me and my hockey and other sports, don't know what has happened during the last 3?
Probably a good time to start communicating about this.

Forget even about marriage....if you're going to be spending much of the next year playing on several teams, you've got to know if she is willing to support you in that pursuit and how enthusiastically/begrudgingly she is behind you.

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