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Originally Posted by CanadiansGuy60 View Post
Great week for the Canadians! Starts with Kevin Dufour committing to Bowling Green next year. Huge congratulations to yet another Canadians player continuing to chase his dream at the next level.

Then a huge win today over a very tough PLK squad, who had been streaking as of late. Always a tough game with their home town crowd. The coaching staff have the boys playing hockey at the highest level at the right time of the year and they are getting very solid goaltending from Brendan O'neill. No offence to the previous tenders, all of who were great kids, but O'neill and Laforest when he gets his shots, have been a steadying tandem between the pipes and could be just what the doctor ordered this year.

Congrats again lads!

Just a question. If you were a parent and/or player looking to make it to the NCAA, why would you not be clammering to play here in CP? Say what you will about Clarke and his coaching style, which I love by the way, but you can't deny his ability to get kids scholarships and move kids forward. Man is a connected genius!! Just Saying!

Go Canadians Go
Whoops, It seems I spoke to soon yesterday. This week starts off with Alex Globke being named the CCHL's Player of the Month. Congrats to Alex. 9 goals and 11 assist in 10 games. A great month. Then it's announced that Larry Smith commits to Niagara University for 2014 and to finish it off The Canadians got the Hon. Mention in the CJHL top 20.

Not a bad day in Cp if you are a fan of the Canadians.

14 commits since Nov 2011. That is superb talent evaluation, coaching, mentoring, and relationship building. Add that to the amazing efforts of these young men and you get what we have seen here in CP the past couple of years.

I'll ask it again. Why would your first call as a parent or advisor not be to the Canadians, if you are not already committed to a program? Results are proven.

Go Canadians Go!

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