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Originally Posted by Frankie Spankie View Post
Nope and if given the ultimatum, I'd be gone. The father with kids argument isn't even valid, most of the guys I play hockey with are fathers with kids ranging from newborn to 20s. They all still play on a weekly basis. As for spending more time playing hockey than with her when available, how often are you even playing hockey vs how often is she available? There are plenty of morning leagues out there for before work. If you're only playing twice a week and that's all the time you can spend with her, you're probably not in good enough of a relationship that she should be expecting you to give up anything for her or it just wouldn't work out based on how little time she has.

tl;dr edition - Play hockey, if she leaves, you're better off. Do you really want to be with somebody who makes you stop doing something you love?

Not to sound sexist, but it's actually cool, to get men's input for this.
Again, though, even with up to 3 skates (2 drop ins and 1 refereeing, that doesn't even happen every week, refffing, which is an actual job) it's still at least 75% plus of mutual free time that I spend with her.
In the Seattle/Tacoma area, save for a 530a skate on a Saturday AM, there aren't any AM skates that I'm aware of.

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