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02-04-2013, 03:00 PM
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No, I haven't. I play once a week, max. Not really a big time constraint. Now, if I was gone several nights a week, that could be an issue.

IMO, probably one of a couple things...

1. You're legitimately spending too much time at hockey, like 3+ nights a week. That might be excessive, especially if you've got kids and work and stuff. Doesn't sound like the case.

2. The time you spend together isn't meaningful enough for her. As in, yeah you might watch TV together or have dinner, but maybe she wants you to focus on her more, like ask her about her day, take her out for an evening, etc. Having been through couples counseling with my ex, this is a "problem" for like 99% of couples and always something that can be improved

3. She either doesn't like you playing hockey, is incredibly needy, or is a control freak. All three of these things point to RUN. Half serious here. Couples are made of individuals with their own hobbies, passions, etc and you need time to yourself and your interests and friends. If she's not okay with that, hockey's going to just be the beginning of problems.

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