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02-04-2013, 03:06 PM
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Ahh, the Dana bashing has even entered HFOil. People don't even realize he is 4th on the scale of ownership of that company. Lorenzo and Frank Frettita own the most, some Sheikh from Abu Dhabi owns another big chunk and then Dana owns like 10%. All conflicted decisions are actually settled by a jiu jitsu match between Frank and Lorenzo.

The judging and ref thing is purely an athletic commission thing. Fighters themselves can petition to have certain refs/judges from being involved in their fights, but very few actually do (the last one was Brock Lesnar requesting Mazzagatti not ref his 2nd Mir fight). But I agree, they are terrible, and actually Alberta has some of the worst refs/judges in MMA in the world. Just be happy they don't get a lot of attention like the NSAC judges. Adyldye Byrd and Cecil Peoples however should never be involved in judging.

Although I'm sure you are just trolling when you start talking about Silva throwing punches with no power in them. His punches are so accurate that he doesn't need to throw everything into them. When was the last time he even went to a decision? Maia I think? Nick Diaz isn't trying to thumb his nose at judges, he's mad at the person in front of him because that person actually wants to fight him and that makes Nick Diaz angry, the kid has issues, that's what makes him so interesting.

And actually, you are really doing exactly what the UFC wants you to do, concentrate your hate on Dana, and let the guys in the back like Lorenzo, Joe Silva and Sean Shelby do their jobs. Just in case you didn't know, Joe Silva and Sean Shelby are the two guys that actually make all the fights, Joe makes the 155 and up fights, Sean the lighter guys. And if you think TuF sucks now, you obviously haven't watched this year, because the guys on their are talented guys, that I've actually been following about 6 or 7 of them well before the show even started.

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