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02-04-2013, 03:16 PM
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[QUOTE=Bleach Clean;59032411]Nope. Before this Luongo situation, I thought Bob was pretty unbiased, but I realized he isn't if he doesn't have any insider info to report on a certain team. He essentially adopts the stance of teams that are giving him leaks.

He shouldn't have said that about a Lu deal because he doesn't have a GM's knowledge of evaluating the contract. People listen to this guy as a source of information. The average fan puts a lot of stock in what he has to say, so there is a responsibility on him to just report things and not speculate based on his limited financial knowledge. He made a mistake there.

*****A deal not getting done could have nothing to do with his contract. What if the expected return is astronomical? Is it still the contract? People just don't know, but it hasn't stopped BM from speculating. ******

Of course you are still entitled to believe Bob is completely unbiased. That's your opinion. It doesn't hold any sway with me or others that thing that he does have bias, but you are welcome to keep it.

* is it not possible to the point I have starred up there that it is a comination of the size of the return and his contract?

As for your first point if that is the case if his sources have been other GM's which in a lot of cases insiders sources are, is it still uninformed?

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