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02-04-2013, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Landeslog View Post
I guess I don't understand how Duchene was pampered last year.
If anything, it was the exact opposite of that. Sacco treated Duchene like crap. O'Reilly got more ice time, he played with the team's best winger, they put him in every important situation, etc.

If this is true (which I'm not sure about), O'Reilly comes off looking pretty bad. Both guys said they were friends before they even got drafted by the Avs and you have Duchene saying O'Reilly is a big part of the team and he hopes this gets settles soon so they can have him back. Meanwhile O'Reilly is upset because he feels Duchene gets treated better than him? Again, I don't know if that's how he actually feels but hopefully this gets settled soon.

I'm guessing it's not intended that way and I'm not going to get emotional and start bashing O'Reilly because of it but every time TPS posts something about how O'Reilly feels or what his demands are, it just makes O'Reilly and his people come off as sensitive little *****es.

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