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02-04-2013, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by doorman View Post

* is it not possible to the point I have starred up there that it is a comination of the size of the return and his contract?

As for your first point if that is the case if his sources have been other GM's which in a lot of cases insiders sources are, is it still uninformed?

It could be a combination, but then said GM needs to be immediately fired for not understanding the advantages to a cap-circumvention deal. Somehow, I doubt GMs are as stupid as to view that contract as a negative. But you never know.

More than the cap-circumvention, it will come down to the actual money owed. Do GMs still view Luongo as a 7m goaltender in _real_ money. That will be the question. A point of note, he got 6.75m under a 40m~ cap. Just FYI.


If Bob gets his information from only outside sources, how can that constitute an informed opnion on a player that resides on a completely different team? You want an informed opinion, you get as close to the source as possible, and that's Gillis. Not to mention that his opinion lacks any semblance of balance because he isn't talking to the Canucks at all... you know, the team that currently _has_ Luongo?

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