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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Let's talk a little bit about the idea of a guy like Bill Gallacher. What are some reasons why he might like to buy the Phoenix Coyotes and keep them in Glendale for at least five seasons?
He wants a team, and doesn't seem to care which one. He can buy this one cheaper than anyother (even including the bogus operating expenses for the last several years added into the sales price). In return the league quietly agrees that in five years he can relocate and move to a better market where a franchise might be worth even more (ATL to WPG increased franchise value some 22%) while avoiding those pesky expansion fees. NHL is made whole, and can wash their hands of it. First they claim victory "saving" the team, and then in five years everyone can say "Well, we tried".
League wins in optics over immediate relocation following sale, and Gallacher gets his team under market value.

I think the league's preference all things being equal is to keep the team in AZ. But things aren't equal. The league also apparently wants all the operating costs over the last three years recouped in full more than it wants the team here. There has been noone with real money willing to invest it in keeping the team here on terms agreeable to both the league and the city. I think hockey could work here if we had a decent product and a stable ownership group that could market worth half a damn. But we don't and haven't. And I'm not sure that if I had a couple hundred million lying around that I'd be willing to bet it, so I can't blame anyone for passing on the opportunity.
I think if the Gallacher rumours come to anything, it will just be a detour on the team's way out of town. The league will take the five years as a tax for Gallacher getting his team wherever he sets it up. And they'll enjoy not having to talk or think about it for five years.

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