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Originally Posted by JR97 View Post
You too? But yeah.. it's amazing how much of a difference learning to communicate with women can make compared to just winging it.

I mean if she asks "how was your day?" and you say "fine." and that's the end of it.. that's gonna be a problem if it already isn't. You probably learned that the hard way, too, eh? Couple that with your buddy asking about your game and you go off for 20 minutes...

That's why I said the time/money may not be the true underlying issue. Might have to do some digging.
I for sure, just don't say "fine", if she asks how my day went. Not that she does it most of the time, but she's more likely, to just give a one or 2 word answer to a ? like that than I am.
Maybe I just have to face the sad reality that it's just too much hearing/being around someone who plays/talks hockey for her? (I don't think she hates it, but thinks it's ok at best and only saw 1 game in person before I met her) She's originally from a small town where 90% of the people probably don't even know how to hold a stick properly.

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