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02-04-2013, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by tsujimoto74 View Post
Only took 4 posts to trash on the city? Must be some kind of record, so congrats.
Regehr didn't want to move his family from Calgary. He won't want to move them again now, I'm sure. And yes, plenty of players like Buffalo. There's a reason so many move back after they retire.
The reason many people retire to the Buffalo area (Amherst, Clarence, etc) are because:

1. schools are very good. NY State has top 5 overal state education program.

2. The real estate is very cheap compared to other hockey towns. You can build/find your dream home in Amherst/Clarence for less than $150,000--similar homes in other cities would be 5 times as much. A negative for the state is that they have high property taxes compared to other states....other states have <1% per $1,000 value while there its around 4-5% per $1,000 value.

3. The suburbs are good area to raise your kids. You get around town without being attacked by fans. In general neighbors are friendly.

4. For Canadians you are still close to your hometown in Southern Ontario, or if there are items you want to buy its an easy trip to cross the border and get it.

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