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02-04-2013, 04:08 PM
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If I were you I would run now, or at least let her know how important hockey is to you and if that is not something she can live with then maybe you are not the right match.

I'm 31 now and started playing when I was 28. At that point I had already been married for 2 years, but my wife had always been understanding of my outside interests.

At first I started off playing once a week and then I upped that to 2 and at times it is 3 times a week. My wife and I have an agreement that I can play 2 times a week no questions asked. 3 times requires a check in with her to see if we have anything going. If I try to sneak in a fourth then I get ****. I have a 9 month old son and when I start to hear comments like, "you have hockey again this week, do you ever want to spend time with your son?" Then I know I have taken advantage of a very understanding wife and I better back off a bit.

An example of when my schedule came to head just happened: I had a game on Friday night, one on Saturday afternoon, and I have one tonight, and I was supposed to have an Instructional Class tomorrow. Well she has a work dinner that she wants me to go to tomorrow and since I've already been playing so much I'm skipping the class without even seeing if she would be cool with me missing the dinner. She might be cool with it but it is not worth risking it at this point.

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