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Originally Posted by sousuffer View Post
Exactly this...there are a lot of people who would kill to play for the Houston AHL affiliate and have a chance to get called up to play for the Wild. It does make you wonder a bit about his priorities (or at least his makeup). Not to mention, I happen to think DeBoer is an excellent coach and I would lean towards blaming the player in that situation for not making more of an effort to make it work.

I remember an interview with Giants coach Tom Coughlin - they asked him about the common excuse when a coach has been around one team for a long time that "sometimes the players reach a point where they need to hear the message from someone new". His response (paraphrasing): "I don't believe in that - sometimes the coaches reach a point where the people listening to the message need to be changed as instead you surround yourself with people who won't get tired of listening to your message and keep tweaking so that it's always fresh to someone".

Palmieri has already ruined his reputation in New Jersey and Minnesota - I think he basically has one more shot (most because he IS that talented), but I wouldn't count on him making it happen, especially since GM Lou's specialty is evaluating hockey character. Heck, even got Kovalchuk to drink the Devils Kool-Aid.
Yeah, but the competition nowadays are extremely tough outside the top 12-15 players on a NHL roster. Alot of it comes down to picking the cog that fits your exact need, and many hard working good players are not picked because the rest of the machinery fits someone else better.

Palmieri needs to pin a ton of things down to be a top 2 line player, but just because he couldn't make the top 4 lines at one place it doesn't mean he can't make the top 4 somewhere else.

For us I think he is backup -- and we certainly need that. NO MORE below avg D as fourth lineer BS I hope.

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