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02-04-2013, 05:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
The organization owes it to paying fans like us to ice the best team they possibly can year in, year out. That doesn't mean they have to spend to the cap every year, but they can very easily address their glaring depth problems up front. They just won't.

No, they do not have the luxury of standing firm. They do not have the luxury of just throwing a season away. We deserve better. I'm not expecting a Cup run, but as I've stated before, I want to see this team make a major step TOWARD being a Cup contender. You can't do that without last season's best player.

I'm not asking them to just throw money at O'Reilly, but I refuse to believe that the player and his agent are the ones who are demanding exorbitant amounts and saying "take it or leave it." He left the KHL to get medical attention, but he likely also left because he was reasonably confident a deal could get worked out. Thing is, the Avs aren't talking.

Whatever the case, I want this situation resolved. Yeah, I wish he would've just signed the 5-year deal that was on the table and showed up to play after the lockout. In fact I'm rather surprised he didn't. But IMO the Avs are the ones screwing up here, and I fear they--and by default, us--are going to come and regret this increasingly ugly situation.
I am frustrated too, and do feel the dialog should always be open, but I also do not want to be a fan in two years on the "O'Reilly is an overpaid 2C-3C center! Can't believe our FO were idiots and signed that deal!" HF Thread.

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