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02-04-2013, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Quarter View Post
As much as I hate this sweater, (and as other people have said) it isn't the black's fault... it's the grey. That being said, they have no reason to even have a black alternative in the first place.

In other news, I'm quite thankful Dallas is going away from the abominations they're using now. Diverting away from the design they used in the 90s was almost as stupid as coming up with a black alt. for the Islanders.
The black is a major problem too, in my book. There is little more I despise when it comes to a uniform than a team with black nowhere in its color scheme deciding to wear a black jersey.

I don't mind the wordmark. As a college hockey fan, I'm used to 'em and like to see them on occasion. The number is stupid, but whatever. The black and gray, neither of which belong on an islanders uniform ever, are my problem. And the template- who the fark decided those pointy things and pit stains were a good idea? Yeah, let's highlight the armpit, because that's exactly the area we care about!

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