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02-04-2013, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Aerchon View Post
Shouldn't come on here to gloat but...

If Ralph Krueger is benching 4 mill in salaray, aka Ryan Pylon Whitney, this game over Potter, I am guessing he has noticed that Whitney has been the key ingrediant for the poor showing of the bottom pairing.

It takes a lot of guts to bench a player making that kind of coin. Nice work.
Agreed. It portrays Whitney in a very poor light and yet...frankly...he deserves it.

The best thing we can hope for right now is...this decision strikes a chord in Whitney and he owns up to the OBVIOUS need for him to suck up/buck up and start playing the game like the big dollar veteran/full grown man he is supposed to be.

He's got NO excuses. He's had enough time to rehab any injuries long ago. Its 90% between his ears/in his heart.

As for Potter going in...I remember a pretty good start to the season last year. His confidence dipped only after he started to get over-played.

Potter has proven he can do the job as a 3rd pairing guy. All we need is determined but simple hockey from him.

Hard to be believe thats all that was asked of Whitney and he failed to provide...but...this is where we are at.

Kudo's to Krueger for stepping in right away and sending the right message.

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