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Originally Posted by Brodie View Post
mull this one over for me, guys... Gallacher has been working toward getting a team for the past two years. Why is he just now getting into the Coyotes game? The asking price is $50 million below what he bid for the Stars and probably the Devils as well and the subsidy from Glendale made the team a lot more appealing than either of those. Am I right in thinking something doesn't totally add up here?
You're 100% correct. Unfortunately, there is realistically a 1% chance of the team finding legitimate new ownership and staying in the valley.

What does add up is three years of playoff appearances, the last of which sees the boys go all the way to the conferance finals and the attendeance still adding up to ZILCH. The idiots of the valley have spoken and they can't seem to support the greatest game on earth.

Fortunately 1% is still a chance, however remote.

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