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02-04-2013, 06:35 PM
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Can anyone who has Shaw in western Canada tell me if either of the LeafsTV broadcasts(Jan 24th vs Islanders & Jan 29th @ Sabres) were on Centre Ice? I'm in Edmonton and have Telus and didn't get either game. I got a canned response from Telus on Twitter about some negotiations taking place. I can only assume since Rogers or Bell now own the channel that they are up to something, even though I thought Telus received all of their channels from Bell's satellite feeds. I've heard that TSN-JETS and TSN-HABS broadcasts have also been absent from Telus Centre Ice. The common denominator here is Bell obviously. Just want to check if those who have Shaw have been getting these games. I though Telus and Bell were buddies, at least much closer than Bell and Shaw so if Shaw subscribers are seeing these games, I think I'll have to switch to them on principle. After all why pay the same rate to have Centre Ice on Telus and get fewer games? The A/V quality on Telus has been horrid on Centre Ice this year too, the CBC/TSN/Sportsnet broadcasts I get locally are beautiful but most Centre Ice feeds are garbage, barely better than HD, and the sound is so low on them I have to crank my receiver up 2X as loud as anything else I watch.

Between having Shaw, Shaw Direct & Telus the last 7 years I've never missed a single Leafs game on Centre Ice, this year I've already missed two.

Of course Leafs TV is doing another two games this week (Tues @ Caps, Thurs @ Jets) and neither are showing up on the Telus guide. If the LeafsTV feed is being blocked by Bell, why the hell can't they get the CSN Caps feed? I understand we'd be screwed on the Thursday game as it's being broadcast by both LeafsTV and TSN-Jets...go figure. Bell can go **** themselves!

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