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02-04-2013, 05:36 PM
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I would like to see NHL adapt the new rule called "Penalty Calls" challenge to have the ref review the missed call for any time in the game. For example: a real bad hit by Keith to Sedin last season in Chicago was 2-minute minor and if a coach can challenge the calls, the ref reviewed the call and upgrade the call to 5 and a game call.

Another example, the coach can challenge the missed offside call. This must be used at least once a game and if the challenge is successful, extra challenge can be used for any other reason.

If a ref missed a call and the coach thought that it should be a penalty, the coach can challenge this and show the ref the replay and let the ref review that play and make its call. We have technology to amend the missed calls and again, this challenge must be used at least once a game.

All three options is equal to two challenge per game with a twist: first failed challenge resulted in a time-out with no penalty providing that they still have the time-out.
Second failed challenge resulted in a two-minute minor penalty for delay of the game.

Sure, this new rule may prolong the game but it should not be more than 2 minutes of your time.

Second radical rule, well, not radical is bring back the 2-line pass offside and lengthen the neutral zone to equal zone as offense zone and defensive zone and bring back the equalization zone for all area in the rink.

Third radical rule is: linesman at the faceoff must drop the puck without any delay.

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